George Clooney celebrated Golden Globe win with 100 Big Macs

Washington: George Clooney, who scooped the Best Actor prize for his role in ‘The Descendants’ at the recent Golden Globe Awards, celebrated his win by ordering 100 Big Macs for himself and guests at his party.

The 50-year-old actor stayed at the ceremony’s official after-party for a brief time before heading back for a private bash at his home, and sent his assistants to a nearby McDonalds to stock up on his favourite fast food to serve to his guests.

“George rarely eats fast food but he has a thing for Big Macs and the craving hit after the Globes,” a website has quoted a source as telling a magazine.

“He did the obligatory hand-shaking, hobnobbing and posing for photos after the show but by 10 o’clock he was ravenous. He looked at his girlfriend Stacy Keibler and said, ‘You’re not going to believe this, but I’m having a Big Mac attack!’ Stacy looked concerned until she realised George was craving greasy food. He doesn’t like hanging out at industry parties too long and he’d invited a bunch of friends to his house. So he told two assistants to pick up 100 Big Macs,” the source said.

The assistants had to visit three of the fast food outlets before fulfilling the mammoth order and then delivered them back to his house.

“George celebrated his big win with Stacy, some close friends, crew members from the film and his Big Macs - just like a normal guy,” the source added.


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