George Michael placed in confinement after facing taunts

London: Imprisoned popstar George Michael has been placed in solitary confinement after being taunted by jail inmates.

The `Careless Whispers` hitmaker who was sentenced to eight weeks for drug driving, is in Pentonville Prison, North London, a high-risk unit which houses rapists and paedophiles.

The 47-year-old has now been placed in a segregation unit after prison governors decided it was too risky to put the singer in with the general prison population, reported Mirror online.

Michael was sentenced to eight weeks on Tuesday for crashing his car while high on cannabis.

"George is currently in a segregation cell because his high profile makes him a target for any thug who wants to make a name for himself," said a source in the prison unit.

The gay singer, swapped the grey pin-striped suit he wore to court, for prison-issue blue jeans and a T-shirt before being taken to his cell, which is furnished with a bunk bed, toilet, TV and radio.

His first morning in prison was a far cry from his luxury lifestyle. He was woken at 7.30 am and had to make do with cornflakes for breakfast.

Fellow prisoners taunted Michael on his first morning, singing versions of his hits `Freedom and Faith`. "George was locked up in his cell having breakfast when an inmate burst into song. He sang the lyrics to Freedom and a couple of others joined in. They then burst out laughing. Other prisoners chanted, `Guilty George has got no Freedom`," added the source.

Prison regulations mean that Michael is not allowed any visitors for his first 48 hours behind bars. But he was allowed a three-minute phone call to boyfriend Kenny Goss.