Gerard Butler doesn’t remember ‘11 out of 10’ romp with Brandi Glanville

London: Brandi Glanville may have given Gerard Butler “11 out of 10” for his skills in bed, but the actor apparently doesn’t even remember her. When a website told Butler about the bedroom ratings he had received from her, the actor replied, “Who is Brandi Glanville?”

The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star boasted about her alleged weeklong fling with Butler on the show ‘Watch What Happens Live’ hosted by Andy Cohen. Bravo asked the socialite to play a game called ‘Plead The Fifth’, which refers to the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution and a person’s right not to incriminate themselves in court. Glanville could answer three questions but only plead the fifth once.

Since she had used that lifeline in an earlier query, the reality TV star felt compelled to answer the third and final question. She was asked to name the most famous person she has bedded, apart from her ex-husband, to which she blushed and replied ‘Gerard Butler’, a leading daily has reported.

Rumours surfaced last year that the ‘Coriolanus’ actor and the reality star had a fling but neither camp confirmed or denied the reports. Glanville now alleges that they got together more than once and had a “week of fun” last summer. Asked to rate the 42-year-old’s bedroom skills she said that he is an ‘11’ out of ten. She then collapsed into giggles and, looking at the camera, apologised to the actor, saying, “I had no choice”.

Later on Twitter, Glanville said she was in ‘so much trouble’. “@BravoAndy OMG I am in soooo much trouble for my GB answer on plead the F N 5Th!!” she said.