Gerard Butler rejected at Cannes Film Festival auction

London: ‘PS I Love You’ star Gerard Butler has been turned down at a charity auction in Cannes after he offered a tea date as a prize.

The 42-year-old actor was dragged up onstage at the Carnival in Cannes Gala for Haitian Relief by writer-director Paul Haggis, in a bid to drive up the value of a weekend pass to the 2013 Golden Globe awards n Los Angeles, reported a website.

Butler was stunned when Haggis insisted the winning bidder would also get a tea date with the Scottish actor.

The man, who paid USD 125,000 for the package, insisted he didn`t want the Butler tea date. Butler said that he didn`t realise he would be part of the package when he turned up at the auction.

"No one has the ability to make a fool of me like Paul Haggis. He makes me come up and stand on stage. He makes me feel like an idiot. I think most of my most humiliating experiences in my whole career have been caused by Paul Haggis. He pimps me out. I put up with it because it is for a good cause," he said.

The auction raised more than USD 2 million for Haitian charities.