Gilchrist went blank as Preity chatted endlessly!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Preity Zinta is popularly known as the motor mouth in Bollywood. The bubbly actress is not just a chatterbox but a gossip monger too.

Recently on her flight back from Dharamshala after an IPL match she was overheard talking about all the juicy Tinsel Town news with the captain of her team Adam Gilchrist.

The actress was so engrossed in her litany of gossiping about people that she least cared about care of co-passengers eavesdropping.

Preity discussed everyone from Gilchrist’s Australian teammate Shane Warne to his ladylove Elizabeth Hurley, to Hollywood and Bollywood. The ex-Australian wicket keeper could do least to stop Preity from talking. So he kept hearing all what she had to chat.

"I guess I`ll be seeing a lot of Shane Warne now. Elizabeth Hurley and me have a lot of common friends, so we keep seeing each other. She has this set of eight people who are always with her when she parties, and now I guess Shane will be one of them. Like for example Valentino`s yacht party,” a tabloid quoted the dimpled actress as saying.

“I have to carry all my dressy clothes and all that. There are just four hotels between which everyone is put up. So, like, you are having breakfast and turn around and there is Leonardo Di Caprio. Look right and there`s Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt,” Preity added about Cannes.

Well, PZ is a complete girl who loves to talk and keep on talking but it’s not always a good idea to be so loud honey!

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