Girl child empowerment responsibility of cinema: Shabana

Mumbai: Acclaimed actress Shabana Azmi, who has always tried to portray a strong Indian woman on screen, says it is the responsibility of filmmakers to project women in the right light for society`s benefit.

"If we understand that in today`s age and day when girls are being killed at birth for the crime of being a girl, it is the responsibility of cinema to create positive images of women so that people understand that daughters are not a liability, but assets," Shabana said here.

The 61-year-old asserts it`s not important to portray woman empowerment in every film. But an underlying message can easily be passed on in the garb of entertainment.

"I am not saying that every single film must talk about that, but there are subliminal messages. There are subliminal messages that girls can be empowered," she said.

Bollywood has witnessed a change in the portrayal of women, as well as the importance given to female actors. Vidya Balan, with hit films "The Dirty Picture" and "Kahaani", is proof of this.

Shabana feels the change is better late than never.

"Girls can stand up to their parents, they can make choices about their life and that I think is happening in Indian cinema hundred years later, which I welcome," she said.