Glad that I am not over the hill: Arnold Schwarzenegger

London: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is glad that he is not seen as being `over the hill` and is thrilled for continuing to expand his acting career.

The 66-year-old star, who has hit the big screen with `Sabotage`, said he is delighted that his age has not prevented him from starring in Hollywood blockbusters, reportedly.

"I feel very honoured that I`m not looked upon as some old guy who is over the hill. That can happen to actors very quickly," he said.

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger will reprise the titular character in `Terminator: Genesis` after he was forced to step down from participating in the franchise while he was the Governor of California between 2003 - 2011.

He also said that he never thought that he would be asked in these productions, especially comedy films which he terms as "

"I never thought that all of the studios would come back and ask me to play these characters again," he recently said in an interview.