'Good friends' Ranbir-Katrina and Shahid-Priyanka set for world tour

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor’s world tour is sure to turn into a piping hot affair for couples-in-making are sure to spice up things. Producers Morani Brothers have approached lover boy Shahid Kapoor, who boasts of an enviable fan following across the world, to join Ranbir’s world tour.

Another thing worth mentioning is hotties like Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra, who are said to be going around with Ranbir and Shahid respectively, are already a part of the group. The organizers are going to earn huge profits banking on the love quartet.

A source said to a news daily, “They are very keen on having Shahid on board because he is a great dancer. He’s in fact better than Ranbir. Getting the two Kapoors to perform together on stage will take the show to another level. Both actors have millions of fans across the globe.”

Mohammad Morani, head honcho of Cineyug, accepted approaching Shahid and said, “It will be good to have Ranbir and Shahid on the same platform, but nothing is concrete yet. It will take nearly another month to finalise everything.”

On the other hand, Shahid’s spokesman said, “Shahid has to work out his shooting and promotion dates for ‘Mausam’ and then he’ll decide if he can be a part of the show.”

Well, with sparks flying in all directions, Ranbir’s world tour would be certainly an affair to watch out for!