Guess, what’s the new found obsession of Kareena Kapoor?

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Since Saif Ali Khan speaks French fluently, ladylove Kareena too wants to learn the language and profess love in new lingo.

Kareena was amazed the way Saif spoke French and like an ardent scholar, used to learn a few words here and there. Of late, Kareena has developed a taste for foreign cinema, all thanks to lover Saif.

Talking to a daily, a source close to Bebo said, “The actress wants to go beyond the few words she knows in French. She wants to learn the language fluently and perhaps converse in French with her boyfriend.”

Apparently, Kareena and Saif often visit Europe for vacations and Saif simply loves France. However, Saif learnt French years ago and now; Kareena wants to follow the footsteps of her beau.

Well, another reason for Kareena to learn French is that her close pal Karan Johar is also fluent in the language.

“Even while shooting for ‘Agent Vinod’ in Morrocco, the entire local crew conversed in Arabic, but the first assistant director spoke in French. So fascinated was Bebo with the language that she would gape for hours every time Saif and the foreign unit got into an animated conversation,” added the source.