Gwyneth Paltrow washes her own clothes in hotels

London: Actress Gwyneth Paltrow says she saves money by hand-washing her own clothes while staying in top class hotels.

The 39-year-old carries a bottle of detergent with her on her travels and she is advising fans to follow her lead by doing washing in hotel room sinks, reported Daily Mail.

"Over the years I have got really good at packing for trips and just taking a hold-all on the flight. The trick to successful packing is to think it through before you go, to pack key interchangeable pieces and not to be afraid to wash clothes at the hotel, a local fluff-and-fold (laundrette) or even in your own hotel sink.

"My mother has a friend who always travels with a teeny bottle of (laundry detergent) Woolite to wash her clothes in her hotel bathroom," she posted on her blog.