Halle Berry talks filming while pregnant

Halle Berry talks filming while pregnant
London: Actress Halle Berry, who is expecting her second child, says she won`t let pregnancy get in the way of a good movie role.

The actress filmed "X-Men: Days of Future Past" while pregnant with her second child and admits it was quite difficult.

"I wasn`t in the movie as much as I was meant to be. Pregnancy kind of coloured what my involvement could be, which was why I was one of the first ones in and the first ones out.

"My ever-growing belly was posing a constant challenge! What I could do was getting more limited, so the role I play is so different from what it could have been, due to my surprise pregnancy," she said.

The 46-year-old also shared tips for staying in shape.

"There`s no secret, I`ve just lived a healthy lifestyle. I only work out like three times a week, 30 minutes a pop. That and good clean living. As I`m getting older it?s just paying off."