Hasselhoff says it was difficult to watch daughters get into show business

Washington: David Hasselhoff has revealed that he was nervous to let daughters go into `brutally unfair` show business.

In an interview with ‘Fox & Friends’, the veteran actor and singer brought daughters Taylor Ann and Hayley – the three star in a new reality show about their lives, aptly titled ‘The Hasselhoffs’.

And the actor says it was difficult to watch his two daughters get into the tough world of Hollywood.

“Bringing them into a business that is sometimes brutally unfair and sometimes breaks your heart [was hard],” Fox News quoted him as saying.

“Instead of running from the cameras and having them say what they want, now we have an opportunity to say what we want. Most of the time, it’s fantastic, when you’re on stage performing, and the girls know this because they’ve been on stage and been performing, but it’s fantastic,” he said. “It’s just the other stuff that goes with it,” the father added.

Taylor said she was thrilled with the opportunity to tell the family’s story.

“There’s been so many bad tabloids and we kind of want to prove them wrong and show that we’re a loving family” she said.

“We’re all best friends, we have so much fun and hopefully it’s entertaining to people. We just want to show the world who really are,” Taylor concluded.