Hathaway ‘officially invites’ Public School 22 chorus to sing at Oscars

New York: Anne Hathaway surprised the world-famous chorus from Staten Island’s Public School 22 by inviting them to croon at Oscars.

The actress, co-host of this year’s world-famous, made a surprise appearance at the chorus’s show to announce that she would fly the group out to Los Angeles.

A video posted on YouTube captured the excitement surrounding Hathaway’s announcement.

"Chorus, you may want to sit down because this is going to be nuts," the New York Daily News quoted choral director Gregg Breinberg, as he announced her arrival, as saying.

"Wow, you guys are incredible, that was incredible," Hathaway told the group.

"I am here ... to officially invite you guys."

The chorus jumped up and down, greeting the news with screams of excitement.

Hathaway counted herself among fans of the group.

"I just have to say I’ve been watching the PS 22 choir on YouTube for I guess about two years now. You guys have brought such joy to my heart," she added.