Have Shah Rukh Khan and Shirish Kunder kissed and made up?

Bollywood Life| Updated: Sep 26, 2013, 09:26 AM IST

The `Joker` director accompanied wifey Farah Khan to Dubai where she was shooting for `Happy New Year` with SRK, Deepika Padukone and Boman Irani. We wonder if Shirish and Shah Rukh are friends again, since they were together in the Emirates for a whole month….

We all know about the fallout between Shirish Kunder and Shah Rukh Khan. First Kunder took a dig at SRK’s dud mega budget film Ra.One on Twitter but later apologised for his tweets. However, not too long after that things got ugly when the duo was caught in a brawl at Sanjay Dutt’s birthday bash. And with that episode SRK certainly proved that he could do the dhishoom dhishoom thing as well as he can stretch his arms out and smile charmingly at his heroine, winning her heart and those of the watching audience! The battle lines were drawn by that exchange of ‘civilities’ and it did manage to affect Farah Khan and SRK’s friendship, but they managed to weather the slapgate storm and are still close buddies.

After a long hiatus and a flop called `Tees Maar Khan`, Farah finally started work on her long-delayed film `Happy New Year`. The entire cast of Farah’s film – SRK, Boman Irani, Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood, Vivaan Shah and Abhishek Bachchan – was in Dubai for a month to shoot for this one. Surprisingly, Farah’s hubby Shirish tagged along with wifey and the gang. After all the drama between SRK and Shirish, the two didn’t mind being in each other’s presence, it seems, coz otherwise we would have heard about it from our buddies who flocked around the scene, no?

Looks like the Baadshah of Bollywood is on a forgive-and-forget trip. First he shared a warm hug with arch-rival Salman Khan at an Eid party and then he didn’t mind too much spending an entire month with Shirish – and of course the cast and crew of the film – in Dubai. There was a time when these two refused to be on the same street, but now the equation looks to have changed. Is SRK feeling that good about life after the success of Chennai Express? In that case, Shirish should hope that `Happy New Year` is an even bigger blockbuster and then – who knows – the King Khan might even do a film with the `Joker` director! Maybe not, of course!

Though Shirish didn’t pose for shutterbugs along with the cast of `Happy New Year` at the airport while returning to Mumbai or having post-shoot fun in Dubai, we are glad that at least personally things are getting better for Farah’s husband…we hope. Now if Shirish could translate that into a more professional relationship with the folks in B-town that he has miffed, life could be all roses for him, we thinks!