Helen Mirren doesn`t care about romance

London: Veteran actress Helen Mirren claims loyalty and understanding are the biggest factors in making her marriage to Taylor Hackford successful.

The 64-year-old actress, who married director Taylor Hackford in 1997 after 15 years of dating, insists loyalty and understanding are the key factors in making their relationship
successful, a news website reported.

"Taylor isn`t romantic, but what I get on the other side is so much better. Loyalty and truthfulness - I`d take those qualities over romantic evenings any time," Mirren said.

"I have the incredible advantage of having a husband who is both loyal and understanding. In return, I give him back loyalty and understanding, too," she added.

"We couldn`t be married without that. I admire my husband and I think that`s essential. I don`t think you can fall in love with someone just because you admire them. But I don`t think, either, you can fall in love with someone unless you admire them in the first place. And I admire Taylor considerably," she said.

The `Love Ranch` actress believes meeting Taylor later in life has also made their relationship stronger because they are mature enough to support the demands of one another`s careers.

"He is tremendously supportive of me and my career, too. He gives me strength and I do the same for him. We came together as grown-ups, professionally formed. I was in my late 30s and so aligned to him. We were generous to each other and loyal in terms of each other`s work," she said.

"He`s proud of my successes and he`s sympathetic when things aren`t successful. If they aren`t, he`ll say `You were great, darling` and I do likewise," Mirren said.



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