Helena Christensen was a shy child

London: Former supermodel Helena Christensen says that she was quite `shy` while growing up and is quite self-conscious even now.

The 42-year-old Danish beauty said that her upbringing wasn`t that conventional and she was quite an introvert, reported a website.

"I was shy as a child. My mother would send me to theatre group to learn how to express myself more. When I was very little me and my sister were child models but I don`t
even remember doing it.

"For some reason, it didn`t bother me. The shyness was more about people. I`d always be observing rather than involving myself. Very often now, if I`m with a group of
people, I end up in the corner," she said.

The former Victoria`s Secret angel also said that she grew up in a very close household and she, her sister and parents used to have "family showers".

"I grew up in a very emotional household, in the sense that we expressed exactly how we felt proudly. We were always travelling, even when I was a child, always in some
airport sitting on suitcases with my sister, leaning up against one another at 3am in Bangkok.

"Nothing was ever planned. My mum would be sitting next to someone she`d just met on the train and the next thing we`d be travelling across the world to meet them. It was total
togetherness. We even took family showers. It felt like we did a lot of things together," said Christensen.


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