Hellen Mirren furious over Rusell Brand`s arrest

London: Oscar winning actress Hellen Mirren expressed discontent after hearing the news of her friend Russell Brand`s arrest at an US airport over a scuffle with a photographer.

The 65-year-old actress, who was outraged by the British funnyman`s arrest, called the detention as "outrageous" and "unfair", reported Stylist magazine.

Brand, 35, was questioned by policemen and charged with battery after an altercation at the Los Angeles airport last year.

However, Brand maintained that he was defending his now-wife Katy Perry from an over-zealous snapper and the charge was later dropped.

`The Last Station` star, who worked with Brand on `The Tempest` and `Arthur`, admits being furious when she received the news as she believes her friend was too good to get involved in any wrong-doings.

"Russell was consistently nice (during the Arthur shoot). He was amazing. And then he pushed this one photographer. And I could not believe they arrested (him).

I was outraged... "I was so angry, it was outrageous. So unfair...

Finally he`s got a moment`s peace to go off with (his) fiancee. How dare they?"


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