Henry Cavill enjoyed getting fat for Superman

London: Actor Henry Cavill enjoyed the high calorie diet that came with playing Superman in the `Man of Steel`.

The actor portrays Superman in the rebooted superhero movie and loved the first stage of changing his physique in order to look convincing in the role, reported Contactmusic.

"The `major bulking` phase came first and that was fun. That meant eating 5,000 calories a day. The best thing about that phase is that you`re really strong and even though you don`t look great, because you`re carrying a lot of extra fat, you`re always in a really good mood," he said.

However, having gained the weight, Cavill then had to lean down and transform it into muscle, which he admits wasn`t as easy.

"The leaning down phase is the hardest because although you`re looking great, you`re always in a bad mood because you`re so hungry."