Here’s why Kareena Kapoor skipped Esha Deol’s wedding

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Once thick friends Kareena Kapoor and Esha Deol are no longer on talking terms. The Kapoor girl had reportedly said something about Esha, hurting her feelings and since then the two had parted ways.

However, the two never made an issue about their friendship that had eventually turned sour. Nonetheless, Esha extended an olive branch by inviting Bebo and her family to her wedding. But Bebo seemed too busy to reciprocate!

And hence Kareena chose to skip Esha’s wedding that was attended by the who’s who of the film fraternity, politics and the business world.

Talking to a leading daily, a source said, “Esha and Kareena parted on hostile terms a few years ago. The two actresses had become very close while shooting for ‘Yuva’ and were inseparable. In fact the two girls would run up huge mobile phone bills chatting away with each other well past midnight. Not only would they look out for each other but had even gone to the extent of covering up each other in boyfriend matters. But apparently Kareena said something about Esha that hurt her badly.”

“Though the reasons of the fight remain unknown, since then the two haven`t been on talking terms. But this time when her wedding was being finalised Esha decided to extend an olive branch to Kareena, though she`s still not forgotten what happened. Esha invited Kareena and her family through a mutual friend and Esha`s secretary personally delivered the invite. Of course, the rift has still not healed as Esha didn`t call Kareena personally,” added the source.