Hilary Duff shocked by fan signature tattoo

London: A fan left Hilary Duff in a state of shock when he turned her autograph in his arm into a permanent signature tattoo.

The singer/actress agreed to scrawl her name on the arm of a young man before an appearance on U.S. TV show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’.

And by the time she had wrapped up the interview, the fan had come back with a permanent reminder of his meeting with Duff.

"The first time I was here on your show I signed my first body part. Some kid said, ``Can you sign my arm?`` I`m like, ``Whatever, I`ve signed weirder than that,” the Daily Star quoted her as telling Jimmy Kimmel.

"He went and got it tattooed while I was doing your show, in Hollywood. At the end when I walked out to get in my car he showed me his arm and it`s all pink and bubbly because he had my name tattooed on his arm!

"I was like, ``That is dedication and please, I really don`t need your mother calling and screaming!``" she added.


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