Hilary Duff to shift to Canada?

Los Angeles: Actress-singer Hilary Duff, who is expecting her first child, is tempted to relocate to her husband Mike Comrie`s native Canada to avoid media glare when she becomes a mom.

The 24-year-old is due to give birth next year.

"I`m not the first person in Hollywood to have a baby. Other people have found a way to deal with it and I think I will, too. If it gets too much, we pack up and move, I guess. Mike and I talk about that sometimes. I don`t know... Toronto? Maybe Edmonton," Duff told Eonline.com.

"Sometimes it`s a more pleasant situation where it`s like, `OK, I can deal with this...` And then some days it just sucks. Who wants to be photographed every single day?" she added.