Hollywood actor Chris Pine took up acting to make friends

London: Hollywood actor Chris Pine said that he became an actor to make friends and improve his social life.

The `Unstoppable` actor insisted that he had few friends in college and took up drama classes to boost his friend circle, a website reported.

"I wanted to become an actor because I wanted friends. I went to a very large university and was a shy, late bloomer and I really didn`t have a social network. So I found theatre out of a need to find a community," said the 30-year-old

However, Pine appreciates the fact that his parents were actors which meant that they understood when he had a bad day.

"What I appreciate from my family is that there is a common language to it so if I`ve had a long, hard day I can call up and say, `Such and such happened and the director said such and such and the other actor said blah blah blah.`And they`re like, `Oh yeah, OK, we get that," said Pine.

"Because my mom`s done it, my grandmother did it, my father did it and my sister actually worked for Tom Scott, who directed `Unstoppable," he added.