Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo Dicaprio mobbed in washroom

Los Angeles: It seems there is no single moment of relief for Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio who was reportedly accosted by a group of fans in the toilet at a recent soccer game.

The actor was watching the soccer World Cup quarter final game between Brazil and Holland in South Africa when he slipped off to visit public toilet but needed to be saved after his stall was "stampeded" by men and women desperate to catch a glimpse of him doing his business, National Enquirer magazine reported.

"Leo, hoping he`d be incognito in dark sunglasses and a baseball cap, slipped into a stall in the stadium men`s room. But all of a sudden, the stall began shaking and Leo freaked when he heard blaring, buzzing vuvuzela soccer horns and people shouting his name. He thought the stall was about to cave in on him, and screamed for help," a source said.

Eventually the 35-year-old star`s screams were heard by security staff, who quickly set about removing the public from the bathroom.

"Leo was finally able to unlock the door and escape, but he was white as a ghost, demanding to know what had happened. He was told that some fans saw through his `disguise` and spotted him entering the men`s room. Word spread like wildfire, and males and females alike stampeded his stall, hoping to get a glimpse of him," the source added.