Hollywood star James Franco joins Facebook and Twitter

Los Angels: Hollywood star James Franco is the latest celebrity to go online. The `127 Hours` star has joined the Twitter and Facebook.

The actor, who will host the Oscars this year, joined both social networking services days ago, and now boasts over 112,000 followers on Twitter.

"Join the club," he said yesterday via Twitter, referencing a photo he posted on what looks like a private jet where someone is holding up a sign that says "Mile High Club."

The `Milk` star is also making plenty of friends on Twitter, despite a limited number of tweets, thanking Steve Martin Sunday who tweeted to Franco: "Have a great Oscars,

Asked if he had cold feet regarding his forthcoming co-hosting gig, Franco could only manage: "No...whatever," the Hollywood Reporter said.

The actor was more ready to talk about his past and how he got started as an actor.

"I left school when I was 19. I took a shot at acting ... The chances were slim, but because I took that chance it allowed me resources that would enable me.

"I feel grateful...I really have had a good life," the actor added Saturday night.