Home alone in Mumbai, Katrina misses her family

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Katrina Kaif might have scores of Bollywood hits and millions of star struck fans, however, when all by herself, the svelte actress craves for companionship.

News has it that Katrina is fighting loneliness. The svelte actress has lost oodles of weight and is yearning for her family. Living alone in Mumbai, Katrina says, “I’m starting to miss living with family too much lately.”

With her mother Sussane Turquotte based in Nilangarai, Tamil Nadu and younger sister Isabelle studying in New York, the rest of Katrina’s folks live in England, leaving the actress all by herself in Mumbai.

Recently, while talking to a news daily, Katrina poured out her heart, “I don’t even know how to run a kitchen. It’s just me alone at home... and I honestly don’t know what to do.”

Looking pallid, Katrina has lost quite a few kilos, thanks to her frugal eating habits as she said, “I keep wondering if it is the heat that has caused this loss of appetite. Honestly, I don’t know. Something is bothering me and I can’t pin-point what it is. But I just feel that if my family was around, I would enjoy a normal home life. It’s nice to have people at the dinner table.’’

Even so, Katrina Kaif simply loves Mumbai and her job, minus all the emptiness in her life.