Hotel lifts ban on Lindsay Lohan

Updated: Oct 15, 2012, 16:08 PM IST

Los Angeles: Troubled star Lindsay Lohan returned to her favourite Los Angeles hotel after they lifted their ban on her after the actress settled her dues.

The `Mean Girls` star was told to stay away from the exclusive Chateau Marmont after she allegedly failed to pay a USD 46,000 tab which she racked up during her 47-day stay in June and July on room service meals, cigarettes, candles and drinks from the mini-bar, reported TMZ.

Lohan allegedly claimed she thought executives behind her new Elizabeth Taylor TV biopic, `Liz & Dick`, would be footing the bill.

However, she was spotted back at the hotel on Thursday night after resolving the dispute with the venue by settling the debt and putting in a personal phone call to the owner, hotel magnate Andre Balazs, to sort the issue out.