How many issues you want me to raise, asks Imran

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Mumbai: Bollywood actor Imran Khan, who is upset by state government’s ban on drinking for people below 25 years of age, said that raising the drinking age to 25 years is “no win situation” for it’s same as making criminals of innocent people.

Apparently, Imran will be filing a PIL through his lawyers against the legal drinking age raised to 25 in Maharashtra, stating it to be “a very reasonable and moderate approach”.

Voicing his opinions on the new state rule, Imran said to a daily, “I understand their intention – and it`s absolutely correct. Alcohol addiction is injurious to health. It can lead to serious problems. However, this is not the solution. 1) It’s not restricted to people under 25 years. I think there might be more people over the age of 25 with alcohol addiction – call me crazy, but I think there`s a chance I`m right; 2) if we allow this to pass, if we say `Theek hai, alcohol addiction`s a problem for people under 25, therefore, even though they`re adults, they shouldn`t be allowed to drink,` it paves the way for any number of addendums to the law. For instance, they could say our population is growing out of control, therefore, if you`ve married after the age of 23, you can`t have kids. To keep population in control in India, it`s for a good cause; but what`s to stop that legislation, then? “

When asked why he does not support issues like corruption and other ills of society, Imran stated that how many issues people want him to raise. “There are, as you say, any number of issues, and there`ll always be someone to say, arre, but what about that one? You protest against corruption, they`ll say what about those starving people? Achha, isko chhod diya, usko pakad liya (ok, dropped this, raised another issue) then what about molestation of women in the North, uska kya? Then uske peechhe bhaagein,” said the actor.

In fact, Imran will be using social networking sites to brace his campaign as the actor added, “What pushed me towards this thing was seeing how much discussion was happening around this on Facebook and Twitter. These are platforms where young people talk – these are youth forums. Conventional media is where slightly older people, people in a slightly higher position of influence, talk. So I saw a lot of chatter on there, online, and I said, this is the area where everyone is talking about this issue, so this is the area where I`ll be able to gather some support.”

Phew…is Imran Khan, the actor, turning into some activist, or is there a reason otherwise, especially when ‘Delhi Belly’ releases next week!

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