How Rajesh Khanna influenced Shah Rukh Khan

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Bollywood will never be able to forget the 18th day of July, 2012, for it lost its original superstar, Rajesh Khanna.

The star synonymous to romance transcended to the heaven and left his fans worldwide in a deep state of shock. And one such fan of his is Shah Rukh Khan.

Khan took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the legendary superstar.

He wrote, “To live with intention & walk to the edge. Play with abandon, choose with no regret. Smile & made us do the same.Sir,u defined our era. RIP(sic).”

Rajesh Khanna’s film inspired one and all. Those who have known him just as a star too have been able to connect with his portrayal of a wide variety of characters, that were close to real.

SRK reminisced his childhood and wrote, “Mom & me use to sit & watch Mr.Khanna`s films back to back.Whenever life felt tough u made us feel how love could change it all. will miss u(sic).”

We agree with you SRK.