How Vivek got his shoes worth Rs 25 lakh?

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: Vivek Oberoi almost ended up cashless post his marriage as he had to shell out some real hard cash to get back his shoes from his sister-in-laws. Not a rupee less than Rs 25 lakhs was what the ’saalis’ demanded, but smart Oberoi had his way out with just a couple of lakhs!

Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Alva’s wedding on Oct 29 was one gala affair which had its share of entertaining moments. Indian marriages are never complete without its list of ceremonial mores mixed with of course some light hearted glee.

It is a practice that the groom has to give up his shoes to his sister-in-laws before he enters mandap to sit beside his waiting bride. But, Vivek didn’t know was that he would have to pay a heavy price to get back his shoes back from his saalis.

Even as Vivek was teased aplenty by the bride’s side before he got on the mare, the groom was caught at a loss of words when he asked for his shoes and was said to pay a bewildering amount. When Oberoi asked for his shoes, his sisters-in-law apparently demanded Rs 25 lakh.

“But it was all in good humour. Eventually, after some teasing and cajoling, the Oberois paid a couple of lakhs, so Vivek could get his shoes back,” revealed a source.

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