Hrithik Roshan assaults photographers for clicking family snaps

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: Media got a first hand taste of Hrithik’s wrath as the Roshan family went to offer prayers at Shirdi Sai Baba.

Bollywood’s superhero Hrithik Roshan came thundering over media persons when they tried to click the pictures of his family. The actor had specifically refused to pose for pictures after he entered the temple complex with papa Rakesh Roshan, mom and wife Suzanne. But some camerapersons came inside to take snaps of the family and this irked Hrithik to the extent that he grabbed the cameraman by his neck and pushed his way out of the temple.

Photojournalists cried foul over Hrithik Roshan’s behavior, saying they were free to click pictures and go into the temple without any restrictions as they were authorized to do their job.

As Hrithik came out of the temple, journalists confronted the actor for his rash behaviour, to which the fuming actor said, “You stopped my family from worshipping”.

Post the incident, Hrithik further added "I can`t believe they (media) can now enter gods shrine for TRP. Polite words requesting them were ignored. It took efforts to pray with 30 media cameras feeding off every private moment. Right now I am trying to forgive myself for losing my cool but I guess when it comes to family any man would do the same.”

Speaking to a news channel, the journalist who was manhandled by the actor said, “Hrithik grabbed me by my neck and he even hit me as I tried to click pictures. But I had the required permission to do so.”

When enquired about Hrithik’s misbehaviour, Suzanne defended her husband, “When we come to a temple…do we come to offer prayers or being clicked and harassed by media people”.

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