Hrithik Roshan`s face tattooed on fan`s back

Updated: Apr 10, 2011, 09:34 AM IST

Mumbai: A Hrithik Roshan fan wanted to prove his love for his idol by making something permanent -- so he flew into Mumbai from Delhi just to have the actor`s face tattooed on his back. This impromptu trip by Sachin Bhatnagar, who works in a private firm, was a complete surprise to his unsuspecting wife Rekha. Bhatnagar got the tattoo done in the afternoon and then flew back to Delhi the same night.

"Initially, he wasn`t taking off his shirt in front of his wife for a few days," a source revealed.

"But how long could he hide it? When she finally saw the tattoo, his back was swollen and red. Hrithik`s picture staring in front of her eyes added to her shock. Now she is okay," the source added.

Bhatnagar said: "Yes, Rekha is okay now. In fact, she even applies the cream, which I need to put on the tattoo."

When asked if Rekha shares the same passion for Hrithik, he said: "Yes. She likes him because I like him. I have seen all his films several times."

"I wanted to be a part of the dance show Hrithik is judging (Just Dance). I went to Mumbai for that too, but nothing happened. Frankly, I was expelled in the preliminary audition stage itself," he added.