Huge furniture removal vans spotted at RPatz and Stewart’s house

London: The hopes of the former lovebirds Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson reconciling has been shattered after a U-Haul removal van was seen leaving the 5 million-pound pad they shared in Los Angeles, the Mirror reported.

Later on in the day a larger truck appeared, spending hours at the plush mansion, which perhaps indicates the move is not temporary as the lorry had space to store large furniture items.

People magazine reported that one day after he abandoned their shared Loz Feliz house, the 22-year-old actress followed suit and is no longer there either.

The actress, 22, claims she had only “a momentary indiscretion” with movie director Rupert Sanders.

But things might be getting a lot tougher for Kristen and Rob after the family of Rupert Sanders believe the affair went on much longer.