Hugh Jackman fails anti-poverty challenge

London: He is urging people to try surviving on USD 1.6 a day, but Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman is unable to abide by the challenge himself.

The 42-year-old actor is associated with Global Poverty Project`s `Live Below the Line drive`, which raises awareness about the more than a billion people who live below the poverty line.

The `X-Men` star, who asks supporters to survive on the small amount for seven days between 2 and 6 May, was forced to quit the challenge himself after failing to cut down expenditure on food and drinks, reported Contactmusic.

The star says that his failure is due to his forthcoming appearance on stage in California, to present his one-man musical show.

"I know it sounds a little hypocritical. During that week I`m doing a show on stage where I sing and dance for two hours so I think it might be a little irresponsible of me to faint in the middle of a show. But I totally support it...”

"I don`t mind saying I`m not doing it, because for people who want to do the challenge I`m totally thrilled and supportive of it and I think it`s fantastic and there`s 50,000 people around the world doing it," said Jackman.

However, the Australian actor hints at giving up other luxuries of life to compensate the challenge.

"I will be going without certain things. I`m going to give up my computer for a week, which actually secretly I kind of like, that`s not so hard for me. So I am going to do two things which are really bad for me which is give up coffee, because I`m an addict, and I`m going to give up sugar as I`m an addict," added Jackman.