Hugh Jackman reveals how adoption healed his pain of not having kids naturally

Melbourne: Actor Hugh Jackman was devastated when he and wife Deborra-Lee Furness learned that they couldn’t have their own children, but his heartbreak was finally cancelled out by the joys of fatherhood after adopting two kids.

“It was painful,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Jackman as saying of the moment.

“It’s not easy. You put a lot of time and effort into it, so it’s emotional. I think any parent can relate – trying to have children is wonderful and when you feel as though that’s not going to happen, there’s a certain anxiety that goes with it,” he said.

Jackman explains how he and his wife, who he met on the set of ABC prison drama ‘Correlli’ in 1995, decided to have children naturally, and then adopt later in life, which couldn’t be realised.

“We thought we’d have a kid or two biologically and then adopt. But when we decided we’d had enough of IVF, we went ahead with adoption,” he revealed.

“From the moment we started the adoption process, all the anxiety went away. I don’t think of them [son Oscar, 11, and daughter Ava, 6] as adopted – they’re our children. Deb and I are believers in… I suppose you could call it destiny.

“We feel things happened the way they are meant to. Obviously, biologically wasn’t the way we were meant to have children.

“Now, as we go through life together, sure there are challenges, but everyone’s in the right place with the right people. It sounds airy-fairy, but it’s something we feel very deeply,” he added.


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