I always aspired to be an actor: Nicolas Cage

London: Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage admits he always aspired to be an actor and used to spend his time imagining his life in screen shots.

The `Sorcerer`s Apprentice` actor was fascinated by movies and TV from a very young age and spent a lot of time trying to work out how to get on television, but didn`t find a focus for his ambition until he was a teenager.

"I would watch the TV intently and try to figure out how to get inside it from the living room carpet," contactmusic.com quoted him as saying.

"Going to elementary school, I envisaged crane shots of myself which would widen out to show me as this tiny little boy walking down the street.

"But it wasn`t until I was 15 that I went to the New Beverly Cinema, a little arthouse cinema in Los Angeles, and I discovered James Dean in `East of Eden`. The scene where he`s trying to give Raymond Massey the money from the beans he sold on his father`s birthday blew my mind," he added.

The 46-year-old is currently working on a movie which is based on the Disney adventure `Fantasia`.