I am a pushy mother: Salma Hayek

London: Actress Salma Hayek says she has become a pushy mother as she will do anything to make her daughter Valentina happy.

The `Savages` actress used to think she was a "laid back" mother until she had a party for her daughter Valentina - who turned five- and found she was pushing through crowds of children to make sure her little girl had a candy, reported Contactmusic.

"I make an effort to be laid back and often I want to give her space, and then I catch myself doing things. In Paris I had a birthday party with a pinata with kids, who were Mexican, they were boys and they were older.

"She was really concerned she wouldn`t be able to take a candy when the pinata broke. I said, `Don`t worry`. When the pinata broke, she couldn`t get in, I was pushing them, trying to get in. And then I caught myself and I thought, `I`ve turned into one of those mothers!` I moved away. I think I`m a bit of both. I think we all are," she said.