I am friends with Suzaane, says Barbara Mori

Mumbai: Mexican actress Barbara Mori, who debuts in Bollywood with Hrithik Roshan in `Kites` says that rumours about their alleged love affair did not affect her close friendship with the actor`s wife Suzaane.

"Suzaane is a beautiful human being...same as all the other Roshans. They treated me well with so much love that the gossips about a romantic linkup did not affect me. Suzaane and I became close friends and stayed in touch even after the film
completed," Barbara said in an interview.

She said she just laughed off the rumours when she heard about it last year. "I am used to such link ups. Back home in Mexico, every movie that I do, I have something to do with the leading man. In the initial stages of my career, I would get upset and even cry saying that the rumours are not true and I am not that kind of a person," she said.

The 32-year-old actress said she always wanted to come to India on a vacation and as luck would have it, she got to visit the country for the shooting of `Kites`.

"I only knew that Bollywood was a huge film industry till my manager told me that an Indian producer was looking for me and asked me to get in touch with them. I flew to Los Angeles to meet Rakesh Roshan and Anurag Basu," Barbara said.