I am not looking anymore for a boyfriend, says Tulisa Contostavlos

London: Tulisa Contostavlos has revealed that she is not looking for a man right now, as she is having fun hanging out with her ‘X Factor’ host friend Caroline Flack.

The 24-year-old singer dyed her hair blonde after splitting with British teen drama ‘Skins’ actor Jack O’Connell and reckoned that men loved it.

“I did have a change in male attention when I went blonde. When I first became single I just partied like mad for ages and I became bored with it,” the Mirror quoted her, as saying.

“Then you think to yourself, ‘Is it the right time to meet someone now?’ But I’m bored with thinking about it to be honest. I’m over it - I’m not looking any more.

“They come when you’re not looking. That’s when it happens, so you never know,” she said.

For the moment she said she is enjoying hanging out with her gal pals that included her ‘X Factor’ host Flack.

“Me and Caroline like to party hard. We’re the last ones to go to bed,” Tulisa said.

“I don’t know what it is about Caroline but when we get pi**ed, we flirt with each other. It’s a cheeky girl thing.

“I’ll go, ‘Come on, Caroline, give us a snog’, but we never have. I don’t think we’d take it to that level, but with nutters like us, who knows?” she added.


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