I am now a lightweight when it comes to carousing, says Charlie Sheen

London: Charlie Sheen, whose been known for years for his hard partying, bizarre antics and whirlwind rides on the crazy train, has now claimed that he has lost much of his magic when it comes to alcohol consumption. The 46-year-old self proclaimed warlock was spotted looking worse for wear on March 9, outside a Guns ‘N’ Roses concert in Los Angeles.

However, according to a website, the actor now claims his glassy eyed, exhausted look was actually a sign he’s cleaning up his act. Photographers posted outside the party reported Sheen appeared “tipsy”. But his friends claim he wasn’t intoxicated, it’s just that his alcohol tolerance for fallen way down. The star admitted to having a few drinks at the concert, but he said they hit him “pretty hard” because he’s not used to living it up the way he did in the past.

“This is what happens when you don’t drink very often,” a leading daily has quoted Sheen as telling one of his friends.