I am proud to be a recovering drug addict: Eminem

Los Angeles: Rapper Eminem feels proud to admit that he is a recovering drug addict.

The 37-year-old singer has spoken openly about his addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs before and feels he handle things a lot differently now, a news website reported.

"I`m proud to be able to say that I`m an addict without any shame in it. I`m proud that I`m able to admit that I have a problem with a certain thing and I have to leave it alone and accept it. I`m proud that I`m strong enough to be able to walk away form those things," Eminem said.

"I got some tools in rehab when I went in 2005. I got the tools that I need, I just didn`t use them. I got the information, the analysis. I don`t know if that`s the word of my personality.

"What type of person I am, why I have this addictive behavior, why I need instant gratification from certain things, why I feel a certain way because my childhood was this way or that way. I got all of those tools, which made me understand why I had to leave that stuff alone. But I didn`t use it and that`s why I went back to it," Eminem said.



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