I am terribly over rated as an actor, says Abhishek Bachchan

Spicezee Bureau

New Delhi: Not that the dearth of excellence in Bollywood makes it any less grand but when an established actor claims that he is a ‘terribly overrated actor’, the admission does make your head turn.

Baring his heart out, Abhishek Bachchan today described himself as a "terribly overrated actor" in the industry and said he has to improve a lot.

The actor who won praise for his performances in films such as ‘Bunty aur Babli’ and ‘Guru’, said, "I think I am terribly overrated as an actor. They have given me more due than I deserve. I have a very very long way to go. I have lot of improvement to do”.

Bachchan, in the field for over a decade, said he did not see the new crop of actors as a threat.

"They are so talented, so prepared they are doing great work," he said adding that he felt there was enough work going around for all to act. “I am not the insecure type. I am very secure about who I am and what I do. So I am happy we`ve got new blood coming to the film fraternity and getting more talent I think they are wonderful", said the 35-year old actor.

Asked who his favourite actor was he said, "Me myself" and jokingly added, and "apart from me I think my father has some potential".

Dodging questions ranging from doing theatre to doing television, he said he would like to consider both once time permits him. He said he was involved with his father`s firm ABL corp and there was a film on the floor and once completed there would be two more that would be taken up.