I am way beyond the number game, says Shah Rukh

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: There is no denying the fact that man is the maker his own destiny. We are talking about superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who has completed two decades in the industry and still rules Bollywood with élan. However, quiz the actor about numero uno position and the actor says, ‘he is way beyond the number game’.

Although, trade pundits continue to talk about him ruling the BO, the superstar has another take. “Honestly, I am way beyond all this now. When someone asks me about this, I just want to shake them up and say, ‘Dude, get yourself a life!’ My father would often tell me that if you keep talking about salt and pepper, how will you dream about the moon?”

In the same breath he continues, “I have never assumed that I would be this famous. Very few people get what I have got and reach where I am today, so I am very humbled by everything that I have. My money, my cars, my films, my house and all that I own, I haven’t thought too much about it because till date I can’t get myself to believe that I have got all that I have today.”

Shah Rukh, who has come up the hard way, starting out with television and then eventually doing films, refuses to let his star status come in the way.

“I have been working continuously since the past 21 years, and if I am what I am today there must be something right that I must have done in all these years. Not taking into consideration that I am Shah Rukh Khan or anyone big, I just think it is not fair to ask this to someone, who has been working hard, putting his life and soul into making films. I am not saying I am great and what I have achieved is extraordinary, but I must have done something right in life to have achieved so much”, says SRK.

Though he is a big name today, he does not want to set a wrong example to youngsters who idolize him by making it look like he had it all easy.

“If a 17-year-old young guy is listening to me in Delhi right now, I don’t want him to think, ‘It is so easy’. I don’t want him to have that impression about anything. But honestly if someone asks me for my answer to the number game, then I would say f**k you, but I will not say that because I have been brought up very well by my parents,” ended SRK.

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