I change more diapers than Mariah Carey, says Nick Cannon

London: Nick Cannon has revealed that his wife Mariah Carey leaves him to change their children`s dirty nappies.

The funnyman says she usually finds a way to make sure he is the one left holding the dirty diapers after 18-month old twins Monroe and Moroccan.

“It`s a good time! Right now, the kids run the house. We are just running and chasing after them and then my wife is being the diva that she is. I am trying to keep up with them,” the Daily Mail quoted him as telling Anderson Live.

When Anderson asked if his Grammy-winning wife Mariah was "a big diaper changer", Nick responded with a roar of laughter.

He admitted the pair don`t exactly split diaper duties.

"I mean we all do it but for some reason I get that duty a little bit more. I am not scared of it. I go in, I put the gloves on. Real men change diapers!" he laughed.


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