I`d love a challenging film role: Dolly Parton

London: Singer-actress Dolly Parton has said she would love to tackle a challenging film role. Parton, 68, said that despite her successful career in country music, she wants a serious film role, reportedly.

Parton has previously starred in movies including `9 to 5`, `Rhinestone` and `Miss Congeniality 2`, but wants to lose her trademark denim, big hair and make-up and build a credible reputation as an actress.

"I would someday love to find a really great role in a movie. One where I didn`t wear the nails, the high heels, the make-up. I would love to play a part that was worth tearing all that stuff away for," she said.

"Something really, really good where I could really show - or see - that I could be a good actress. Most of the roles I play now are pretty much a version of my real self, but I think I could do some really serious acting with a great director," she added.

However, the `Jolene` singer admitted that she would not find it easy to change her image for an acting part, as it has played such a big part in her life.

"I would not be comfortable. But if the role was good enough, I`d be willing to do that. To play something so different that it would begin to make sense. I`d be able to get comfortable with it."

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