I feel confident as an actor now: Rupert Grint

London: Rupert Grint, who initially had concerns about his acting abilities, admits now he\`s a confident actor.

"When you`re working with people that have been classically and professionally trained, it makes you feel a bit... I don`t know. I`ve definitely, I`ve gained confidence really, just the more you do," contactmusic.com quoted him as saying.

The 21-year-old star recently finished work on "Cherrybomb" - in which he plays a teenager caught in a whirlwind of sex, drink, drugs and crime - and admits it felt strange filming something so out of his "comfort bubble".

He added: "It was the first kind of real adult role for me really so I was quite nervous about it. It did feel like a massive step, as it`s kind of away from home. We filmed it in Belfast, out of the whole comfort bubble of `Harry Potter` really, as I`ve known everyone there for all my life. I had to speak with a different accent, so yeah everything felt different and it took me a while to adjust to that."