I feel what I did was right: Pinto on break-up

New York: Actress Freida Pinto, whose break-up with ex-boyfriend Rohan Antao post `Slumdog Millionaire` became a huge scandal, feels her decision to dump him was right.

The 26-year-old became a darling in western media after the release of the film, but was termed a heartbreaker after Antao claimed she broke her engagement with him for a successful movie career. Some reports even claimed the two had been secretly married. However, Pinto has no regrets about her past.

"I feel what I did was right. There were no two ways about it," Pinto told New York Times about her real-life breakup.

The actress, who is now dating her `Slumdog` co-star Dev Patel, says that the incident helped her grow in life.

"Everyone is going to write you off for one thing or another, but you know what? It`s my life, and if I didn`t go through it, I wouldn`t be the person I am today, sitting here talking about what happened back then and being a little more knowledgeable about what happens in relationships," she said.

Incidentally, Pinto who will next be seen in Woody Allen`s film `You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger`, plays a similar character. She plays Dia, an exotic musicologist, who leaves her fiance for another man.

Asked about the similarities between her real-life and the character, Pinto said, "When I walked into Woody`s office and read the scene in the nursery, where Dia confesses for the first time that she has doubts about what she is getting into, I was like, Has someone been reading the gossip magazines to Woody?"

Allen feels that Pinto is "the perfect obscure object of desire."

"She`s exactly what I wish I saw when I look out the back window of my house in Manhattan," said the celebrated director.


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