I hate that people think I`m "on drugs": Miley Cyrus

Los Angeles: Teen star Miley Cyrus hates it when people take her to be a wild child even if she is spotted having simple fun.

The 17-year-old actress and singer is very conscious about her image and is determined to not let people make false impressions of her, reported a news website.

"If I`m ever seen out dancing at a club having fun, I don`t want people to immediately go, `Oh, she`s on drugs, she`s drunk. I`m never going to be that person. As long as I steer clear of that and keep that mind frame, I think I`ll be cool," said Cyrus.

Still, the `Hannah Montana` star admitted that when she`s of legal age, she won`t exactly be a teetotaler.

"I`m not gonna be like, `I`ll never have a drink in my entire life,` because that`s probably going to be a lie. There`s a right way to do so -- everything is good in small portions," she said.

Cyrus, whose parents also abstain from drinking, cited her collaborator, Bret Michaels, for inspiring her to steer clear of alcohol and drugs.

"Having him in my life and him telling me some of stories and some of the dumb things that happen...he just makes me never want to do that stuff," Cyrus said.