I have been vaporised by Gordon Ramsay: Chris Hutcheson

London: Chris Hutcheson says contrary to the reports, he did not leave his son-in-law and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, but was sacked by him.

"I feel like I have been vaporised by Gordon and the only question I have is why? Why have you done this to me? We could have sat down and had an amicable divorce and worked things out if we were to part company. But he didn`t do that," Hutcheson, who was also Ramsay`s chief executive, told The Mail.

"The reason behind all of this is Gordon, and not me, as far as I`m concerned. Gordon drops everyone in his life at some stage. You could do a list. If you do a list of those from the early days, the chefs, Marcus Wareing, Jason Atherton - there are so many people, big people in his life, who he`d just say to me, `Chris, just get rid of them`," Hutcheson added.

He said Ramsay did not have the courage to break the news himself and delivered the bombshell via his solicitor. On the day of the sacking, the chef was busy buying a new 200,000 pounds Ferrari.

"I don`t know why he is like this. He has only got one friend and that was me. Now he has locked me out of the business and sacked me and tried to make me the scapegoat, the bad guy," he said.

Hutcheson, 62, has not spoken to Ramsay or his daughter, Tana since. He also claims Ramsay, 43, has poisoned his daughter against him.

"Tana, my own daughter, knew all this was going to happen. She went off to Los Angeles on the Saturday to be out of the way. I have had no contact with either of them since," he said.

Although his dismissal came as a shock, looking back now, Hutcheson admits he suspected something was seriously afoot.

"Little things got dropped, people got clumsy. Eight weeks ago Gordon`s mother told a member of staff at home, "Gordon is going to get Chris out of the company," said Hutcheson who was sacked 12 days ago.