I have nothing to gain from lying about ‘blood diamonds’: Naomi

London: During her evidence to the war crimes trial of Charles Taylor, Naomi Campbell insisted that she has "nothing to gain" from lying.

The British supermodel, who could face charges for possessing "illegal" uncut diamonds which she later handed over to the head of one of former South African leader Nelson Mandela`s charities, said she had "no motive".

"I am a black woman who has and will always support good causes especially relating to Africa," the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"I’ve never taken any of the jobs offered to me, over my 25 years as a model, from companies that were for apartheid in South Africa."

A statement from her spokesman later said Campbell was a "long time supporter of charity work in Africa" and had helped raise "considerable sums".

The model’s role in the affair is being examined along with all those who came into contact with the three uncut diamonds, which are now in police custody.

Possession of an uncut diamond is a criminal offence in South Africa with penalties ranging from a hefty fine to ten years imprisonment for repeat offenders.

Campbell gave evidence at the war crimes tribunal of former Liberian leader Charles Taylor last week in which she said she was given the "dirty-looking pebbles" by two men who knocked on her door in the middle of the night following a dinner in Pretoria hosted by Mr Mandela.

She said she did not know where the stones came from, but handed them to Jeremy Ractliffe, the then head of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the following day suggesting he "make sure children benefit from them".


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