I have seen bleak days, says John Abraham

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: John Abraham’s first release ‘Force’ post his break-up has only set his spirits higher. The actor, who was going through a personal low has bounced back at Box Office and is happy with his career at the moment.

Talking to a daily about failures in life, the hunk of an actor said, “There is no harm in failing - but you need the guts to take failure in your stride. Movie chale, ya na chale, it really doesn`t bother me. Have I given it my best? Yes. That`s it for me. I`ve seen such bleak days that I wouldn`t want to be back there again, and I have seen success like no one else too.”

“I`ve done all sorts of films - from a ‘7 Khoon Maaf’ and an ‘Aashayein’, to an intense ‘New York’ to a ‘Dostana’ and a ‘Garam Masala’. Some of them worked and some didn`t. I`ve worked with the new lot of directors, who think differently about cinema, and those established names as well. I also did a film like Anurag Kashyap`s ‘No Smoking’, which had no commercial takers, but found critical acclaim nevertheless. I haven`t done regular stuff, and so, I must be ready for the risks that come with it. I`m at a stage where I don`t like doing regular. Regular is boring,” said the actor.

Tall about his body and the actor quips, “I weighed a 100 kg when I was shooting for ‘Force’. Now, I`m losing weight. It isn`t easy - neither building nor losing. Nishikant (director of ‘Force’) told me that he wanted an international action hero`s body, like Sylvester Stallone in ‘Rocky’. And I did that. Now, I`m eight kilos down, but for Sanjay Gupta`s ‘Shootout at Wadala’ I will have to build up again."

The actor has always been known for having a level headed approach in his career and life. Between personal strength and mental strength, the hunk in question chooses the latter.

“Mental strength - that`s the most important. Of course, the visual idea of strength, the body, also matters, but mental strength is what gives one the grit to pull through. And mental strength, for me, lies in the eyes. You can look into one`s eyes and gauge their real strength. I have been through a lot, but now, I am a secure individual. And after 20 years in the industry, I`ve found my secure space too... If I weren`t mentally strong, I would not have ploughed on, when as an outsider," An outsider? "It`s difficult to make one understand, but there`s so much of nepotism in B-wood. After a Shah Rukh or an Akshay Kumar, tell me one person not from a filmi family who has survived in the industry. Not one."

Talking of family, love life and singlehood, the actor chooses not to comment everytime his ex’s name crops up, "Yes, I can choose not to comment. Look at it this way: It`s more than a year to that part or phase of my life. And I am not the kind to look back. I have moved on." Moved on, meaning? "Moving on means exactly that. Everyone does that in life - moves on. Yes, I`m now single. And no, that doesn`t mean I am consciously seeking out potential candidates. But definitely, if I find the right woman, I would marry her tomorrow. But I am not planning out my personal life right now. I am planning my career. I have 'Desi Boyz', and 'Housefull 2' and after that, 'Race 2' and the movie I am producing, 'I, Me Aur Main', said the actor.

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